One’s Ears Open

Performative sculpture for public space One’s Ears Open is an action with 15 performers (at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, 08.07., 19.00-20.30 ), curated by WHW.

The action was a public reading of texts by Miroslav Krleza, one of the most acomplished croatian writers of the 20 century and Danilo Kis, a serbian writter living in Paris. What they had in common were views on nationalism and resistance to faschism within culture. The performance was made within the framework of “Written-off” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the military Operation Storm. The Operation Storm was the military action that “liberated” Croatia, after the serbo -croatian war. The “Written-off” was organised as an artistic statement and protest against the 20. anniversary celebration of the military action “Oluja” in which many civilians lost lives, as well as for raising awareness about the book destruction, as a cultural genocide that happened in that time on both sides.