Installation view, AZ Gallery, ZG AZ Gallery, Zagreb

Peripheric Muscle
An exhibition with sculptural and photographic works, and a video
Gallery AZ, @Zitnjak Ateliers, Zagreb

In my recent works, I am dealing with the relations between private and public space and the construction of symbolic cultural and national identity within the public sphere. The installation Peripheric Muscle uses the architectural features of the exhibition space ( Gallery AZ in Zagreb) as a new field of articulation of the mentioned themes. I perceive the location of the city periphery, where the gallery is situated, not only as a relation to the center of the city, but also symbolically, in the relation of the state and the autonomous cultural workers - as a field of high tenence but also autonomy.

Similar spatial relationships are analyzed in the environment of my studio, located outside the city center, in the mostly workers' neighborhood, which is marked by generations of migrant families mostly from the eastern Europe and Turkay. Visual representations of workers on the facades of many "sozialbau" buildings nearby - serve as the formal starting point for some of the new photographic works. One photo series represents the builiding's reliefs in relation to the personal details of the interiors inside - seen through the windows- while in the other I explore the physical relations between my body and the old industrial building that today serves as my artist studio.

The sculptural work, the paravane,refers directly to the hasardous roof of the gallery building, an example of helath –damaging architectural structures that have markked the public building through the 70ies ..after which its removal was ordered. Nevertheless, a lot of public buildings in Croatia and across south Europe, stand with this old structures (as for example this former elementary school which is nowadays art studio building and a gallery), posing a threat to the enviroment. In contrast to this 'poisonous' rooftop, the centre of the exhibition building opens up into a garden , full of greenery and rose bushes: an idilyic scenario for leisure and rest. The architectural body thus creates the paradox between security and danger, a duality that makes the essential point of departure for objects articulating the gallery space.

The hasardous asbezst roofing plates are used as a material for the sculptural work, the spatial paravan within the gallery. The singular plates connect with wooden structures, becoming beautiful abstract elements that confront the viewer with the economic and social reality of the cultural institution they are placed within.