Exhibition view, 5020 Salzburg

hand made object, found materials - ropes, wood, ca. 250cm x 100cm, 2017
Exhibition view, "The Munchhausen-Effect. On Time in Times of having no Time", Gallery 5020, Salzburg

Acquired by the Museum of Modern Art / Generali Foundation in Salzburg ( 2018)

Siesta is an object made of found materials - restover ropes and strings found on the streets of Mexico City, on the spots where black market street sellers pack and unpack their merchandise. Regularly moving from one part of of the city to another, they leave remains of the ropes behind them. Margan collects these, understanding them as remains of the working hours, and the desire for the control over the free time. The artist uses the materials for a creation of a hammock, stretched between the walls of the exhibition space, thus activating the art institution itself and its role in the value production.
The work is accompanied by a series of prints and a sound piece (work in progress).