Split Dioptre
School Gallery
Fausta Vrancica 15, Split, Croatia
16.11.2016. - 16.12.2016.

Press release:

The artist Luiza Margan investigates the politics of public space on the Croatian Mediterranean coast by exploring the systematic acts of neglect and urban tensions that occur within it. In the Split Dioptre exhibition she simultaneously constructs a moving imagery of existing urban atmosphere of unplanned touristic development and emigrating local population, along with commercialization and branding of cultural heritage and landscape.
With the two exhibited works Margan opposes two thematic focuses of the city Split’s urban politics –the abandonment and neglect of historically relevant public space projects for the benefit of commercialisation, and the construction of national(istic) identity through random execution of politically charged public monuments.

The sculpture titled Shades (Or Heritage as a Dioptre) represents an attempt to reconstruct the architectural cultural heritage of the socialist shopping and sports center Koteks.
The piece was constructed through the process of collecting original materials that have fallen from this late modernist building and translating them into a new form.

The video work Monument Reflecting the City deals with the phenomenon of construction of national identity in postwar Croatia. The artist uses a piece of the monument erected in honor of late President Franjo Tudman located in Split’s Riva as a starting point for the piece, i.e. the surface of its red granite block.

Video Monument Reflecting the City
15'11'', HD video, loop, sound, color, 2016
Camera/sound recording: Darko Skrobonja
Editing: Luiza Margan
Color correction: Andreas Daxer
Sound composition: Paul Gründorfer
Sound editing and mix: Daniel Benedek
Concept: Luiza Margan

SculptureShades (Heritage as a Dioptre)
metal, found materials, 2016

Thanks to:
Lukas Böck, Markus Bergler, Andreas Daxer, Gordan Dlacic, Eva Margan, Boyka Margan, Maria Meinild, Toni Mestrovic, Nadija Mustapic, Laura Nasmyth, Katharina Olschbaur, Art Gallery Split, HULU Split