Reenactment of a public action originally conceived and performed by the artist group Tok in Graz, in 1972. The reenactment happened on 21st of November 2013 in Graz as part of the exhibition “…Was ist Kunst…Resuming Fragmented Histories”, in Medienturm in Kunstlerhaus – Graz, followed by a presentation and discussion. See also: Outside the Role

Universals of communication
"The quest for “universals of communication” ought to make us shudder. It’s true that, even before control societies are fully in place, form of delinquency or resistance ( two different things) are also appearing. Computer piracy and viruses, for example, will replace strikes and what the nineteen’s century called “sabotage” (“clogging” the machinery). You ask weather control or communication societies will lead to forms of resistance that might reopen the way for communism understood as the “transversal organization of free individuals.” Maybe, I don’t know. But it will have nothing to do with minorities speaking out. Maybe speech and communication have been corrupted. They are thoroughly permeated by money- and not by accident but by their very nature. We’ve got to hijack speech. Creating has always been something different from communicating. The key thing may be to create vacuoles of noncommunication, circuit breakers, so we can elude control." ( Gilles Deleuze in Negotiations; Control and Becoming, p.175)