series of 11 photos,2015 series of 11 photos,2015 series of 11 photos,2015 video still, HD, color, sound

Photo series, injekt prints, 2014- 2015

Video HD, 7'45'', 2014-2015

The photo series and the film are conceived during the artists Luiza Margan involvement as a worker on the construction site of one site-in-progress, the luxury design shop in Vienna, in a part of the city center recently named The Golden Quarter. For several weeks, the artist 'performed' different construction site jobs together with the rest of the male workers. This engagement into concrete physical labor was the main source of income for the month, the 'black' money for everyday life as well as enabling the further development of the project.

The work is a continuation of the artist's engagement into the conditions of labor and relations between different modes of work, the 'dead labor' of the workers on one hand and the zombification of work of the cultural producers on the other, the relationship between the concrete physical work and the immaterial production of values, as well as the critique of the irregularities of the work conditions. It is an ongoing exploration of the 'performance' of work and it's back-stage.

By focusing on the representation of workers as reflections on the surfaces of marble-stone plates that define the aesthetics of the Golden Quarter, the photographic series and the film discusses the many layers not only of disappearance and the comodification of public space but the labor within it as well.

Camera: Die Schwarzeirbeiterin
Video post production: Max Gurresch
Audio post production: Daniel Benedek
Video editing: Luiza Margan

Video shown at the screening The Enigma of the New and the Modern in January 2015 at Mumok Kino, Vienna, curated by Christian Kravagna

Series of eleven photographs shown at Hypo Noe Young Art Collection, Sankt Pölten, September 2015.

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