Utterly Useless Personal Pleasure, installation, metal, wood, windows, 2014

The work "Utterly Useless Personal Pleasure" was a site specific work for the exhibition "Funny Business" in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

The scaffolding, which is typically associated with exteriors, constructions sites and labor, is used here as a place for having a break, for finding an "utterly useless personal pleasure", as the title of the work suggests. The scaffolding is facing the gallery’s large window, overlooking the hectic parade of everyday life that takes places on the Rijeka’s main promenade. The entire space, from the inside and outside point of view, acts as object of observation. Viewed through the relationship of the double coding, the boundaries between useful and useless work, between production and consumption, seem porous. Further on, this passive scaffolding is also interesting as a possible reference to the Rijeka-specific situation and the city’s attempts to transform its former industrial facilities into spaces of creative industries, such as the Rikard Bencic project that has been facing difficulties in its realization for years.

The work was part of the exhibition Funny Business

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