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The video is part of a diptych together with an audio work in which 3 actors act the roles of the Director( female voice), the Actor 1 and the Actor 2 ( playing the two workers that one can observe working on the stage in the video).
In the video Rehearsal we see two workers removing the wooden floor of a stage inside of a cinema hall. The big projection screen behind the stage is covered with a black curtain. Steadily the heap of removed boards grows in the middle of the picture. The two men keep working slowlly, we see them talk, but because of the distance, we can only guess their conversation. Margan appropriates this scene and further elaborates it in the ausio piece where she directs the actors into the role of the workers one sees in the video. Borders between reality and fiction, instructions for actions, speech acts and actions themselves are blurred.
The work stands independently but also connect in a group with the spatial installation and objects, elaborating on the subject of work, art and viewer relations.

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