installation view wooden, metal, colour

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Cine Verbale transformed the gallery space into a site for interaction with the street.The intervention took place inside the gallery: a massive, wooden, black, glossy frame was built around one of the wall sized widows, accentuating the theatrical quality of the space and its interactive mode by focusing the visitor’s view directly to the street construction site. The protection screens of the construction site -covering the actual site of physical labor of the construction workers- became part of the intervention, reflecting red light inside the window frame. This found street setting accentuated not only the relation between inside and outside space but the interaction with the accidental passers biers and from the view partly protected workers. A set of manually produced metal cinema chairs were placed in front of the window, allowing the viewer to take a position of a spectator and become part of the work in the same time, by seating and looking through the frame onto the street. This stage like situation allowed a new set of relations and everyday actions to be examined and re-invented.