Paravane (Gift of Roof)


The object that divides the main hallway of the room, the paravane, is a direct reference to the architecture of the gallery building which also hosts artists studios, and the precarious conditions for artists work that it hosts, by exposing them .


uses  hazardous roof of the gallery building, an example of helath –damaging architectural structures that have marked the public building through the 70ies. Event though the removal of such structure has been ordered, a lot of public buildings in Croatia and across south Europe still stand with asbestos structures. One such example  is the former elementary school which is nowadays the gallery where Margan was invited to exhibit.


The hazardous asbestos roofing plates

are used as a material for the sculptural work, the spatial paravan dividing the gallery. The singular plates connect with wooden structures, create an abstract geometrical patters, through the spatial division opening a narrative on economic and social reality of the cultural institution they are placed within and the situation of artists on the Croatian cultural cene.

© Luiza Margan 2019